Our Story

Get To Know Me:

Hello, My name is Amanda Russo and I am the owner and founder of November's Eve Jewelry.

Our RAW Story:

The brand November's Eve Jewelry began in October 2019 right around Canadian Thanksgiving to be exact. I knew from a young age that I wanted to create something and use my creative outlet for something amazing. In August 2019, I got in my car and eagerly went to Michael's craft store with an open mind. I remember the first time I walked through the clay aisle and thought "there is no way I could do this!"  Well, a few moments later I grabbed their variety pack of polymer clay and a jewelry making kit and headed towards the checkout. I went home and looked for makeup caps and little things I could use to create cutouts in the clay. Many failed attempts later... I almost gave up. I continued practicing every day and decided to buy some better tools and continued watching countless videos on YouTube.

After two months I was confident in my pieces and saw my vision come together, however, I had no platform, shop or anyone interested in my pieces. I quickly grabbed a note book and wrote down the first few words that came to my mind. I knew from the beginning I wanted to incorporate November into my business name and that's when it all hit me. November's Eve Jewelry had a ring to it and was absolutely sentimental to me. I then created my Instagram and tried applying to stores, shows and followed other local businesses. After many many rejection letters I kept going and never gave up. As I am writing this it is now a year later from those first few moments and what I can say is that is has been such an amazing ride. I have learned so much and am still learning every single day. I cannot wait to see what the future has for November's Eve Jewelry.

What Does November's Eve Jewelry Mean?

November's Eve meaning October 31st has been a very important date for me ever since I can remember. I was born on November 1st and my mom went into labor with me while handing out Halloween treats. Every year since I was little, Halloween was something I looked forward to and it meant that I was able to spend time with my friends and family. Luckily my partner also shares a birthday very close to mine and we now continue to celebrate our birthdays together Halloween style! This may sound silly but it means the absolute world to me and creates such warm, nostalgic and positive vibes when telling my story.