Advice to Female Entrepreneurs from Women-Owned Small Businesses in Windsor, ON

November’s Eve Jewellery

November’s Eve Jewellery was created by Amanda Russo in August of 2019. Russo had recently completed the Concurrent Education program at UWindsor and wanted to take on a new challenge. She had always been interested in jewellery but often had difficulty finding pieces that spoke to her, so she decided to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship and started NEJ. As a resident of the small city of Windsor, her ultimate goal was to create something new and unique to distinguish herself from other local businesses. She creates gorgeous minimalist pieces out of a variety of materials, from polymer clay to 18k gold-plated metals, and uses dreamy recurring symbols like stars and abstract faces. NEJ pieces are stocked at seven stores in Windsor and two outside Windsor, which you can find listed here

Russo teaches full-time in addition to running November’s Eve Jewellery, which she says has been challenging. Luckily, she has found a balance between the two and considers herself blessed for having the opportunity to pursue not one, but two careers she loves. She is also grateful for all the mentors and people who have helped her along the way and the many skills she has so far acquired. She considers one of her biggest challenges to have been the imitation of her products by others, which is an especially difficult experience for a business in a small city. Nevertheless, Russo is a strong believer in community over competition and thinks it’s important for business owners to build each other up and celebrate one another’s successes. She advises new small businesses to never give up and always remember why they started, despite all the setbacks they may encounter. “When something that was once a small thought in the back of your brain blooms into something so beautiful and beyond all of your expectations, it becomes all worth it,” she says. She also emphasizes the importance of people and connections in business: “For me, it has always been more than monetary value or about the amount of Instagram followers. It is about the experiences, relationships, and amazing feedback.”

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